How to center universally a flash movie in a html page by using the CSS

csscenterI have make a .swf intro for a website, and i must centered it in a universal mode in a html webpage,i want that when you open the site, the intro is always shown in the middle of the page. view example►

I made it by using the StyleSheet (css).
Open flash and check the ” publish setting ” that are like mine in the ph1.


and publish it.

open you html editor and open you html page ( the one that was generated by flash ).

now we have 2 possibility, the first is to make an internal css style, the seconds is make an external css style.
i prefer make an external css, because i can reuse it every time that i need.
Immediatly under the <tite></title> add the link to the stylesheet.

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”style.css” /

go where the </script> tag finish and the <body> tag starts.
immediatly under <body> tag , open an div tag ( that div will contain our flash movie ).

<div id=”flashCont”>

Go immediatly before the end of the <body> tag and close the “flashCont” div.

now in your editor make a new .css file and save with the name “style.css”, ( the one used when we have linked the css file ). in the css file copy and paste this script

background-color:#FFF; //choose the background color

// insert the exact width of the flash movie
height:768px; // insert the exact height of the flash movie

Save and test all, if all it’s right when you resize the browser windows you see the flash movie that scrolls in the middle of the page   view example►