Magento 1.9 – Bulk update of descriptions on phpmyadmin

If you need to bulk update the descriptions on magento 1.9 :

  1. Login to phpmyadmin and make a backup the “catalog_product_entity_text ” ( we need to update only descriptions , so we don’t need to make a full dump of the db ).
  2. Select the table “catalog_product_entity_text “, and open the “query” tab and paste this code
    UPDATE catalog_product_entity_text SET value = REPLACE(value, ‘text_that_i_want_replace’, ‘text_to_use_fore_replace’)

    change 'text_that_i_want_replace', 'text_to_use_fore_replace', with your text (leave the second parameter empty if you want to "remove" the word ).
  3. Click on “apply” button.
  4. If all is right, you have changed in all the descriptions the text you have entered.

If you have some problems, simply delete “catalog_product_entity_text ” and re import the backup you have made before.