Magento 2 | Create new ADMIN user from CLI

This time i need to restore a Magento 2 website from production to local;
After had migrate everything, and loaded a dump of db in my local phpMyAdmin, i had a problem:


the damn customer haven’t give me that informations, ( and i don’t had remembered to ask for it ).
So for the admin url, navigate from the root of Magento “/app/etc/env.php” and find:

return array (
  'backend' => 
  array (
    'frontName' => 'admin',
  'crypt' => 
  array (
    'key' => '12630ca5e6e27b76c7619e6b0b3caaae',

“frontName => admin” is the string that we needed and it tell that the administrator’s url is /admin/.

Now that we had retrieve the admin url we need to create new user with administrator permits.

Let’s open a terminal windows , navigate to the root of magento site, and add the following command :

php bin/magento admin:user:create --admin-user mys_username --admin-password mypass123 --admin-email --admin-firstname john --admin-lastname cage

change mys_username with your username
change mypass123 with your new password
change with your new email
change john with your first name
change cage with your last name

once you have run the query , if all is right, you have a message :

Created Magento administrator user named mys_username

Now you have the admin url and a administrator user and password.

That’s all