Prestashop 1.7.1 | Export product and category data from database, with image and description

this time i need to export all data from product catalogue ( Product id, Product name, Product image array, Product category, Product Long Description, Product Short Description ), and from Category ( Category ID, Category Description, Category image, Category name ).

I don’t want to use a module, so i made it from phpMyAdmin.
We made two queries, first for export all products from catalogue, seconds for export categories.

For Products:

SELECT p.id_product,,, GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT( SEPARATOR ",") as categories,GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT(im.id_image) SEPARATOR ",") as images, p.price, p.id_tax_rules_group, p.wholesale_price, p.reference, p.supplier_reference, p.id_supplier, p.id_manufacturer, p.upc, p.ecotax, p.weight, p.quantity, pl.description_short, pl.description, pl.meta_title, pl.meta_keywords, pl.meta_description,CONVERT(pl.meta_description USING utf8), pl.link_rewrite, pl.available_now, pl.available_later, p.available_for_order, p.date_add, p.show_price, p.online_only, p.condition, p.id_shop_default
FROM ps_product p
LEFT JOIN ps_product_lang pl ON (p.id_product = pl.id_product)
LEFT JOIN ps_category_product cp ON (p.id_product = cp.id_product)
LEFT JOIN ps_category_lang cl ON (cp.id_category = cl.id_category)
LEFT JOIN ps_category c ON (cp.id_category = c.id_category)
LEFT JOIN ps_product_tag pt ON (p.id_product = pt.id_product)
LEFT JOIN ps_image im ON (im.id_product = p.id_product)
WHERE pl.id_lang = 1
AND cl.id_lang = 1
AND p.id_shop_default = 1 AND c.id_shop_default = 1
GROUP BY p.id_product


For Categories:

select cl.id_category, as parent_name,,
concat('http://', ifnull(conf.value,''), '/img/c/', c.id_category, '.jpg') as url_image,
from ps_category c
inner join ps_category_lang cl on cl.id_category = c.id_category
inner join ps_category_lang cl2 on cl2.id_category = c.id_parent and cl2.id_lang = cl.id_lang
left join ps_configuration conf on = 'PS_SHOP_DOMAIN'
order by cl.id_lang, c.level_depth