Prestashop 1.7.1 : Migrate from production to local

I need to start a new project with Prestashop 1.7.1, it’s first time that i develop on this new release.

First i want transfer this project form production to local.

  1. Login on production manager
  2. Clear cache
  3. Download all file and transfer them on local folder
  4. Create a database dump

Now we have all our ecommerce on local folder, so, start to editing code for connect prestashop’s files and the DB.

Normaly we find the ” ” file under “config” folder, but until the 1.7 release the configuration file location and name are changed.

Now the configuration file is called ” parameters.php ” and is under ” app/config/ ” folder.

Change the parameters, now go on you database and change the url (domain, domain_ssl and physical_uri) in “ps_shop_url” table.

If, in your production, had “SSL” active, you must deactive for you local installation, so go in the “ps_configuration” table and find the “PS_SSL_ENABLED” and modify the”value” from 1 to 0.

Go to front-end and reload the home of the shop.

If you have some error, probably , you have downloaded the .htaccess to, so delate it.

Now you should be able to access to front-end and to administration.

Once you are in the administration, you need to update permalink for regenerate the .htaccess:

Access to “Shop parameters” -> “SEO & URLS”

scroll to ” URL Settings “, and switch ” Friendly url ” to  “no”, and  save.


now, switch ” Friendly url ” to  “yes”, and  save, you have regenerate the .htaccess.

Now if all is right, you can navigate to front-end and see you ecommerce.