WordPress | WPML Body class based on language

In a wordpress project, For a design request, i need to adjust minimal differences that are showed on main menù when user switchs languages.
By default, wordpress and wpml, don’t adds references about the actual active language.
So i want to add as body class the language code based on the active language.

Let’s start !
Navigate to your theme root, and open the file function.php
At bottom of this file add :

/* WPML - Add language Class as Body Class */

add_filter('body_class', 'append_language_class');
function append_language_class($classes){
  $classes[] = 'lang-'.ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE;  //or however you want to name your class based on the language code
  return $classes;

I choose to add a class made by “lang-” text and the active language code, so in Italian will be “lang-it” in english “lang-en”

From now i can style different css based on language, without worrie about that the modifies effected on other languages.


  .nav-full_active ul ul{
    margin-left: 16.13rem;

  .nav-full_active ul ul{
    margin-left: 16.13rem;

Here un example of “before” and “after” body class: